Seminar: Knee Vibration Analysis for Golf/Tennis Players

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Seminar Description

Knee injuries are common occurrence for Golf and Tennis players. One way to study the effect on knees during a Golf Swing or Tennis Serve would be to use a sensor patch (with a vibration sensor) to measure bone conduction signal at knee during such specific motions in sports. This project includes: (1) In-lab experiment: design and conduct experiments to collect vibration data, (2) modelling Golf Swing and Tennis Serve motion (both involves knee bending), and (3) Qualitative analysis and conclusions from this study.

Learning Objectives

  • Gain an overview of wearable sensor technology and its application in eHealth and mHealth.
  • Learning design concepts for user/evaluation studies by devising a recording plan.
  • Implementation and evaluation of a recording system.
  • Analysing of sensor (vibration) data.
  • Teamwork.

Course Data

Project type Seminar
Language English
Presence time Lecture: 2 SWS Exercises: 2 SWS
Work distribution 30% Theory, 30% Experimentation, 40% Programming
Useful knowledge Python Programming, Pattern Recognition
Period Summer semester 2018


Up-to-date literature recommendations are provided during the lectures.


Umar Ahmad

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