Seminar: SmartMET – Smartphone app for treadmill running

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Course description

Wearable sensor technology, particularly inertial measurement sensors are used in various motion analysis including applications in sport, medicine, and rehabilitation of patients after stroke. Such sensor modalities are nowadys integrated in smartphones, thus offer various mobile analysis potential and are increasingly used as supportive training tool.
In this project we aim to implement and evaluate a smartphone app (SmartMET) to estimate the energy expenditure using metabolic equivalents (METs) on treadmill runs in the gym. In particular we aim to compare how typical sensor positions, e.g. short-pocket and upper arm,  and effects of the sensor position on the MET estimation accuracy. We will evaluate the SmartMET in collaboration with the FAU-Klinik for Sport-technology (TBD).

Learning objectives

  • Gain an overview on wearable sensor technology and particularly smartphones for application in eHealth and mHealth.
  • Learning design concepts for user / evaluation studies by devising a recording plan.
  • Analysing of smartphone sensor data.
  • Implementation and evaluation of a MET estimation algorithm.
  • Teamwork.

Course data

Project type BSc./MSc.-Seminar (Group work)
Work distribution 20% Theory, 40% Experiment, 40% Programming
Presence time Lecture 2 SWS - Exercises 2 SWS
Useful knowledge JAVA / Android app programming, MATLAB/Python, Sporty
Starting date Summer semester


Up-to-date literature recommendations are provided during the seminar.


Adrian Derungs

Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg