Nordic Walking 2.0

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Bachelor Thesis

Smartphones, in combination with external sensors, permit a variety of measurement applications, particularly interesting for sports. In this thesis we intend to investigate outdoor Nordic Walking movement using an Android smartphone App and regression-based skill estimation. In this project, you will enhance an existing App including the Bluetooth communication with external sensors developed at the ACTLab. The goal is to evaluate the App including the complete processing chain; starting from motion recordings, analysis of movement patterns, and potential movement mistakes using subsequent regression models. You will further investigate the users’ perception of performance feedbacks, visualised on the smartphone for potential use in (amateur) athletes.

Project type Bachelor Thesis
Work distribution 10% Theory, 50% Programming and Data Analysis, 40% Experiment
Requirements JAVA / Android app programming , Python, Machine learning
Starting date Summer term 2018

Adrian Derungs

Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg