DGVS Innovation Award “Digital Gastroenterology” for the GastroDigitalShirt

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The German Society for Gastroenterology, Digestive and Metabolic Diseases awarded the DGVS Innovation Award “Digital Gastroenterology” for the first time, endowed with 3,000 euros. The award recognizes projects to promote the development of digital innovations in gastroenterology. The DGVS Innovation Award went to the GastroDigitalShirt, a T-shirt with up to 8 integrated digital microphones, which record acoustic abdominal signals that provide insights into the state and processes of the gastrointestinal tract of patients with chronic digestive diseases. The GastroDigitalShirt was created in close cooperation by Dr. med. (Univ. Pécs) Sarah Fischer, Assistant Physician at Medical Clinic 1 – Gastroenterology, Pneumology and Endocrinology (Director: Prof. Dr. Markus F. Neurath) of the University Hospital Erlangen and Annalisa Baronetto, Researcher at the Chair of Digital Health (Director: Prof. Dr. Oliver Amft). Details can be found here: https://www.uk-erlangen.de/presse/pressemitteilungen/ansicht/detail/wenn-das-t-shirt-dem-darm-zuhoert/

Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg