Seminar: Smart glasses personalisation

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Smart eyeglasses integrate sensors can serve for multiple purposes including health monitoring. Generally, the sensors need to be integrated at specific parts of the eyeglasses to function effectively. Moreover, optimising sensor locations maximises sensor data quality. However, optimal sensor locations can vary according to different wearers’ heads. In practise, sensor locations are usually optimised manually using CAD software. The manual process discourages the fast integration.


To develop algorithms/methods to automatically optimise locations and orientation of sensors on personalised eyeglasses frames.


Learning objectives

  • Learn to personalise wearables.
  • Learn to model and script with mCAD software.


Project type Seminar
Language English
Period Winter term 2020/21
Presense time Virtual seminar, working from remote
Useful knowledge Machine learning, mCAD, Python
Work distribution 50% algorithm development+ 50% mCAD modelling
Med. Eng. designation Advanced Context Recognition (ACR)
StudOn link
First meeting Online introduction/Vorbesprechung of winter term 2020/21 Seminars, on 4th November 2020 at 16:15
Registration Via StudOn, obligatory after introduction


Up-to-date literature recommendations are provided during the meetings.


Final presentation and final report.


Rui Zhang

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Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg