Seminar: NUM-COMPASS Pandemic Health App Design

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The project NUM-COMPASS established a framework that facilitates the design of pandemic-related studies. The project yielded an exemplary app, which can be found on This seminar aims to familiarise students with the novel NUM app and give them the opportunity to design their own study-related apps. After completing the seminar, students will be capable of developing pandemic study apps using NUM components, one of the pioneer projects of pandemic and COVID-19 research. The students practice essential skills to become experts in developing apps for pandemic health research, including front-end design, FHIR standard and its potential in pandemic studies, back-end design using FHIR and specific app architecture requirements for study designs in pandemic and COVID-19 contexts.


Understand the components of pandemic health apps and improve front-end and/or back-end programming skills.

Learning Objectives: 

  • Understand the requirements of questionnaires for pandemic studies
  • Develop exemplary apps using the NUM-COMPASS framework
  • Enhance knowledge in FHIR resources


Project type Seminar
ECTS 2.5, 5, 7.5
Language English and/or German
Period Summer term 2021
Presence time Virtual seminar, working from remote
Useful knowledge App development (front-end and/or back-end)
Work distribution App development: front-end, back-end or app architecture
Med. Eng. designation Advanced Context Recognition (ACR)
StudOn link Link will follow shortly.
First meeting Online introduction/Vorbesprechung
Registration Via StudOn, obligatory after introduction.


Up-to-date literature recommendations are provided during the meetings.


Final presentation and final report.


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