Seminar/Thesis: Smart garment performance evaluation in bioacustics applications

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Auscultation is a standard medical practice performed by clinicians when inspecting a patient during preliminary examinations. Auscultation is usually performed by using the stethoscope to listen to the body sounds. Wearable technology can automatize listening to body sounds and make the long-term monitoring possible. However, the performance of the proposed wearables need to be carefully evaluated in lab before deploying their use in free-living.
The goal of this work is to design and implement a clinical study to evaluate the GastroDigitalShirt prototype developed at the Chair of Digital Health.


The project aims to design and implement a clinical study to evaluate the GastroDigitalShirt prototype performance in bioacustics applications.

Learning objectives

  • Learn concepts of body sounds
  • Learn concepts of acoustic sensors
  • Learn concepts of clinical studies


Project typeSeminar (optional: Bachelor thesis)
ECTS2.5, 5, 7.5, default: 5
PeriodWinter term 2021-22
Presence time30% working from remote, 70% lab work
Useful knowledgePython, Audio Processing
Work distribution30% study design, 40% study implementation, 30% data analysis
Med. Eng. designationIron Man Suit (IMS)
StudOn linkPlease join
First meetingCDH Seminar and Thesis Introduction, 18th October 16:00
RegistrationVia StudOn, obligatory after introduction


Up-to-date literature recommendations are provided during the lectures.


Final presentation and final report.


Annalisa Baronetto

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