Federleicht – Learning support with extended reality and a smart sensor pen

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The challenges that schoolchildren confront daily have risen sharply in recent decades. The introduction of new and more complex content and individual learning differences, including prior progress and knowledge, lead to varying individual student learning rates. Furthermore, learning no longer happens exclusively in the classroom, and the home environment is becoming increasingly relevant.

Goals and approach

The aim of this consortium project is to research and develop an augmented reality learning system that enables students to receive direct feedback and thereby relieves the teachers and parents. Central to our approach is a novel smart sensor pen that captures the student’s performance and state. With our approach, learning materials that students classically worked with, including pen and paper, can be expanded with virtual information. The smart sensor pen will use sensors to record relevant information on the context of the learning situation, including cognitive load. The project pursues a multidisciplinary, iterative, and user-centered research approach.

Innovations and Perspectives

The smart sensor pen-based input in combination with a simple augmented reality is used to develop a new type of learning system that supports students at their individual learning pace. We aim to enable students to learn without distraction and let them focus on the actual learning content.


Federleicht Lernen is funded by the Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung (BMBF).

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Addythia Saphala

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