Seminar: Aerosol Dispersion and Viral Load Transfer Models

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An open challenge in epidemiology is effectively estimating the impact of aerosol particles and droplets generated by infectious individuals in the propagation of aerosolised viral loads. When considering indoor interventions, the activity and the number of particles generated during that activity are critical factors in understanding the susceptible population’s potential dangers. Similarly, interventions aimed at minimising the prevailing risks are affected by activities. For example, requiring people to wear surgical masks in situations where there is no talking, barely any movement, and good ventilation might be sufficient to reduce the risk of infection. In contrast, if you are in a loud supermarket, where you are moving around and talking loudly, an FFP2 mask might be required to achieve the same level of protection.


Use existing activity-based aerosol-generating models and combine them with I2MB’s viral load propagation model.

Learning Objectives

  • Gain an overview of agent-based simulation strategies and aerosol models.
  • Explore and understand human behaviour in indoor places
  • Apply modelling strategies to data collected experimentally
  • Create efficient viral load transfer models based on activity-based aerosol generation


Project typeSeminar
PeriodSummer Semester 2022
Presence timeVirtual seminar, working from remote
Useful knowledgePython, data analytics
Work distribution40% algorithm development, 30% data analysis and evaluation, 20% consultation, 10% reporting
Med. Eng. designationAdvanced Context Recognition (ACR)
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First meetingComing soon
RegistrationVia StudOn, obligatory after introduction.


Up-to-date literature recommendations are provided during the lectures.


  • Final project presentation, demonstrator and final report.


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