Project: Translating Research to Clinical Practice – A Clinical Decision Support Tool Demonstrator

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Clinical decision support tools play a pivotal role in bridging the gap between research findings and their application in clinical practice. These tools serve as invaluable aids for healthcare professionals by synthesizing vast amounts of medical knowledge into actionable insights at the point of care. By integrating evidence-based guidelines, patient data, and best practices, they empower clinicians to make well-informed decisions tailored to individual patients. This not only enhances the quality and efficiency of care but also ensures that the latest advancements in medical research are effectively incorporated into clinical workflows. Moreover, clinical decision support tools contribute to standardization and consistency in care delivery, ultimately leading to improved patient outcomes and safety.


The primary goals of building a functional prototype for a web-based clinical decision support tool are to validate the concept, gather user feedback for refinement, demonstrate feasibility, and identify and address technical and usability challenges early in development. This iterative process ensures the eventual creation of a robust and user-friendly tool that enhances patient care and outcomes.

In addition to ensuring basic functionality, particular emphasis will be placed on designing the prototype with a focus on user experience and cross-device compatibility. A sleek and intuitive design, coupled with seamless functionality across various devices such as desktops, tablets, and smartphones, is essential for ensuring widespread adoption and usability among healthcare professionals. This emphasis on design excellence aims to create a visually appealing and accessible interface that enhances user engagement and efficiency in clinical decision-making processes.


Project typeProject
ECTS5 or 10 (negotiable)
PeriodStart upon agreement / ASAP
Presence timeVirtual and/or at the Chair of Digital Health
Useful knowledgeWebdevelopment / FullStack
Work distribution100 % programming
StudOn linkN/A
RegistrationE-mail with CV and transcript of records to contact person at the bottom


Prototype presentation and functionality evaluation.


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