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This category contains information about accepted publications.

Category: New Publications, News

Extremely low-power sensing systems need to minimise their sensor sampling and data processing. Can we do better than state-of-the-art in sub-Nyquist sampling and compressive sensing? Yes, we can! Our new paper Context-Adaptive Sub-Nyquist Sampling for Low-Power Wearable Sensing Systems presents a c...

Category: New Publications, News

In the paper “Synthesising Motion Sensor Data from Biomechanical Simulations to Investigate Motion Sensor Placement and Orientation Variations”, we investigate for the first time effects of sensor positioning and orientation variation using biomechanical simulations and motion data synthesis. ...

Category: New Publications, News

A new Frontiers publication: We are investigating whether wearable sensors can help track patients motor relearning progress in particular to regain walking performance. We developed a novel, intuitive marker "Convergence Point (CP)" that indicates the projected point in time at which patients move affected and less affected body sides similarly.