Personalizing 3D-printed smart eyeglasses to augment daily life

Publication Type Journal Article
Authors Florian Wahl, Rui Zhang, Martin Freund, Oliver Amft
Title Personalizing 3D-printed smart eyeglasses to augment daily life
Abstract We present a digital development process to physically personalise smart eyeglasses for individual wearers. The personalisation optimises comfort and sensor function as individual anatomical landmarks are fitted. A parameterised eyeglasses model and relevant head parameters were derived. Model customisation was initially evaluated through simulations of different realistic head shapes. Subsequently, 3D- printing was used to produce eyeglasses frames. We conduct a study with regular eyeglasses wearers to evaluate if the printed frame fit and wear comfort are on par with their usual eyeglasses. Furthermore, we show how eyeglasses equipped with various sensing functions, including inertial sensors, colour light sensors, optical pulse sensors, and electromyography, can augment daily life in a variety of augmenting applications. To assessing activities of daily living, classifying a set of nine typical activity clusters showed an accuracy of 77%. For circadian rhythm analysis, screen use was detected with 80% ROC AUC. For nutrition monitoring, chewing was detected with 80% precision and 80% recall. We believe that physical personalisation will become an essential component in digital development, enabling wearers to monitor vitals and behaviour in unprecedented quality and coverage.
Publication IEEE Computer
Volume 50
Issue 2
Pages 26-35
Date 2017
DOI 10.1109/MC.2017.44
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Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg