Analysis of heart stress response for a public talk assistant system

Publication Type Conference Paper
Authors Martin Kusserow, Oliver Amft, Gerhard Tröster
Title Analysis of heart stress response for a public talk assistant system
Abstract Conference presentations are stressful communication tasks for many speakers. This mental stress inhibits the speaker's ability to recall information and perceive the audience. Moreover, stress deteriorates linguistic and paralinguistic capabilities of the speaker. This paper proposes a wearable talk assistant to monitor mental stress and provide relaxation feedback during public speaking. The assistant senses the speaker's body stress by means of heart activity. With this data the system recognises stressful talk phases. We evaluate the approach in authentic conference talks. The talk assistant was worn by $5$ speakers before, during, and after giving a $20$ minute talk. Our results demonstrate that it is feasible to distinguish the talk period from the surrounding periods and detect talk phases. These findings show that heart activity provides vital information to estimate the speaker's body stress. Moreover, we outline ways to proactively support a speaker non-disruptively while talking in order to maximise the presentation performance.
Date 2008
Proceedings Title AmI 2008: Proceedings of the Second European Conference on Ambient Intelligence
Publisher Springer
Volume 5355
Pages 326–342
Series Lecture Notes in Computer Science
DOI 10.1007/978-3-540-89617-3_21
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Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg