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Dr. Andreas Rowald gave a talk at the ZiMT Journal Club on May 24, 2022. Title: Digital twins can steer neurostimulation towards precision medicine Abstract: Neurostimulation strategies are potentially effective and risk-, time- and cost-limited treatments for the approximately 22% of Europea...

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The Chair of Digital Health develops AI-based methods for the analysis of healthy behavior, increasing health literacy, as well as for medical decision support for the personalized early detection of diseases, diagnosis, therapy and prevention. The exhibitions and demonstrations show project exampl...

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Dr. Andreas Rowald was invited to discuss the efficacy of activity-dependent spinal cord neuromodulation during the NEUROLOGY® PODCAST of the American Academy of Neurology. Full Episode here: Neuromodulation Restores Function in Spinal Cord Injury

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The new ProModell project under the supervision of CDH member Dr. Andreas Rowald is aiming to initiate a breakthrough for in-silico development of novel neurostimulation strategies and precise planning of neurotherapies. ProModell is developing computational frameworks for rapid patient stratificat...

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