“Friedrich” reports on Artificial Intelligence and Smart Eyeglasses of CDH

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Uwe Niklas

Artificial intelligence offers great opportunities, especially in medical science, and can help you live healthier lives. The research team of the Chair of Digital Health at the FAU uses artificial intelligence to develop smart eyeglasses that are hardly distinguishable from ordinary glasses, but can retrieve up to 100 digital biomarkers, e. g. the heartbeat rate, breathing rhythm and food intake. Smart eyeglasses need to be adapted to the user during manufacture, tailor-made AI-eyeglasses are being developed. The smart eyeglasses of the Chair of Digital Health are still in the development stage. The team of researchers is currently elaborating the intricacies of the cabling. Read on here: https://www.fau.de/2019/10/friedrich/nullen-und-einsen/



Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg