Special Issue “Fabricating Pervasive Computing Systems” is out

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The long anticipated special issue of IEEE Pervasive Computing (IF: 3.8) titled “Fabricating Pervasive Computing Systems” is finally out in the 2019 Q4 issue.

Guest editors: Oliver Amft, Mary Baker, Jennifer Mankoff.

The special issue captures early but promising approaches and methods for a new area of purpose-made pervasive systems. Pervasive systems researchers and developers are challenged to realise adequate software tools and process chains to lower the bar for others to enter the area. Besides original research articles, the issue gathered opinions and hints of leading researchers and makers to highlight future directions.

Amft, O., Baker, M., and Mankoff, J. (2019). Fabricating Pervasive Computing Systems. IEEE Pervasive Computing 18, 18–19.

Ballagas, R., Wei, J., Vankipuram, M., Li, Z., Spies, K., and Horii, H.
(2019). Exploring Pervasive Making Using Generative Modeling and Speech Input. IEEE Pervasive Computing 18, 20–28.

Huppert, F., Hölzl, G., and Kranz, M. (2019). Design Different: Pen and Paper for Laser Cutting. IEEE Pervasive Computing 18, 29–37.

Tansaz, S., Baronetto, A., Zhang, R., Derungs, A., and Amft, O. (2019).
Printing Wearable Devices in 2D and 3D: An Overview on Mechanical and Electronic Digital Co-design. IEEE Pervasive Computing 18, 38–50.

Hodges, S., and Chen, N. (2019). Long Tail Hardware: Turning Device Concepts Into Viable Low Volume Products. IEEE Pervasive Computing 18, 51–59.

Amft, O., and Baker, M. (2019). Makers of Pervasive Systems and Crafts.
IEEE Pervasive Computing 18, 61–70.

The issue can be retrieved from IEEE Explore: https://ieeexplore.ieee.org/xpl/mostRecentIssue.jsp?punumber=7756



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