Seminar: Classifying food texture using vibration eyeglasses

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The eyeglasses process the vibration data and tell information of the intake.

Course/Project description

Chewing produces sound and this vibration also travels in the head, that’s why we can hear and estimate what we are eating. In this project, we will establish a procedure of food texture classification using eyeglasses integrated sensors (vibration sensor and microphone), as a step towards food type classification. You will record in-lab data of eating using eyeglasses prototypes and use the data for food types/texture classification. Additional interesting research questions are open to you, such as: does the size of a bite also relates to vibration?


Learning objectives

  • Analysing vibration (~audio) data.
  • Perform machine learning technique for texture classification (and weight regression).

Course data

Project type Seminar
Presence time lecture time: 2 SWS, exercises: 3 SWS
Useful knowledge Audio processing, machine learning, Python
Starting date Winter semester 2018-2019


Up-to-date literature recommendations are provided during the lectures.


Final presentation and final report.


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