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Category: Student Projects, WS2020/21

Background Poor nutritional behaviour is considered a major risk factor for the development of various chronic diseases. Smartphone apps offer the possibility to influence nutritional behaviour positively by monitoring and providing direct feedback. Since the use of smartphones is increasing also am...

Category: SS2020, Student Projects

Background Auscultation is a standard medical practice performed by clinicians when inspecting a patient during preliminary examinations. Auscultation is usually performed by using the stethoscope to listen to the body sounds. The goal of this work is to develop and 3D print a novel stethoscope to b...

Category: OnlineEvent, SS2020, Student Projects

Background Wearable technology often requires devices to be personalized in order to achieve comfort and usability requirements for a long-term, inconspicuous monitoring of the user health. We propose to implement an algorithm to speed up the customization and manufacturing of smart clothes. Aim The...