Thesis: Synchronised Processing of EMG and Audio Data for Dietary Monitoring

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To automate the analysis of consumed food for dietary monitoring, several approaches have been tried. Two promising ideas are a) electromyographic (EMG) monitoring of the masseter muscle, and b) acoustic measurements to capture chewing sounds. While EMG data can be used well for segmentation of chewing intake phenomena, audio data reveals more about the microstructure of food types, and can give insights about patient specific phenomena. To get a more complete picture of the physiology of chewing for automation of dietary monitoring, a better understanding of the correlation of the two types of time series is crucial. The goal of this thesis is to develop an extensive study of both signal types, and their interdependencies. Furthermore, a synchronisation technique for both data streams grounded on the basis of such an investigation shall be developed. To achieve sufficient synchronisation, both signal processing ideas, based on knowledge from oral biology, as well as hardware solutions (e.g. timestamp-based synchronisation) may be investigated and compared.


Study dependencies between EMG and audio data for chewing phenomena, develop a pipeline for time synchronisation of both time series during chewing measurements.


Project type Bachelor/Master thesis
ECTS  10,30
Language English and/or German
Period Winter term 2021/22
Presence time Working from remote or lab, depending on needs.
Useful knowledge Biomedical signals, audio signal processing, Python
Work distribution 33% measurements 33% biomedical signal analysis 33% programming
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First meeting Online introduction/Vorbesprechung
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